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Firehouse Tour

Come see what we've done with the place! Over the past two years we have made significant renovations and improvements.


A vintage photo of firefighters with their fire truck outside the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Co. building, dated 1946.
1944 US Army surplus fire truck

 In March of 1932, the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company (CVFC) was established. Members would meet in the O&W train depot in Cottekill. It wasn’t until September of that year that construction would begin on the railroad property adjacent to the depot. The picture to the right is the firehouse in 1946, the earliest photo we have to date. 

In the 1950s, a cement block section off the back would double the size of the building, adding a kitchen and performance stage. In the 1960s, another block addition would be added to the east side of the firehouse to allow for more fire trucks to be housed. Over time membership would dwindle as would the number of fire trucks. In the 1990s, that east side addition would be converted into a meeting room, office space, and the relocation of the bathroom. 

 Over the last couple of years, the fire district and the CVFC membership once again renovate the firehouse and the property.

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