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Fire District

What is a Fire District?

A political subdivision of the state located within one or more towns, with an elected governing body (Board of Fire Commissioners). A fire district is a public corporation established for the purpose of providing fire protection and responding to certain other emergencies. The New York State Constitution (Article X) recognizes that fire districts have certain characteristics of general purpose municipal corporations, such as powers to incur indebtedness and to require the levy of taxes. A fire district is almost a completely autonomous political entity; it has its own elected governing body, its own administrative officers, and it must observe its own expenditure limitations. However, it is dependent upon the parent town or towns for its initial creation, extension, and dissolution.

The Board of Fire Commissioners for the Cottekill Fire District meet every 2nd Tuesday of the month.

This website is not the official website of the special district, the Cottekill Fire District, but that of a volunteer organization, the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company.  Any webpages, meeting posts, or documents for or about the fire district and it's board, are provided out of courtesy of the fire company and is intended as informational only.

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