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Retired Apparatus

May contain: transportation, truck, vehicle, machine, wheel, fire truck, and fire station
23-12 - 2005 Pierce Contender 1250gpm/1000gal (2010-2019) [Ex-Ulster Hose]
May contain: person, clothing, footwear, shoe, accessories, bag, handbag, transportation, vehicle, fire truck, and truck
23-14 - 1992 E-One Mini-Pumper 250gpm/300gal. (1992-2007)
May contain: transportation, vehicle, fire truck, and truck
23-12 - 1989 E-One Protector 1250gpm/1500gal. (1989-2010
May contain: clothing, glove, transportation, vehicle, fire truck, truck, person, footwear, and shoe
23-10 - 1972 Ford 1000gpm/750gal. (1978-1994)
Vintage fire engine parked on a street.
23-12 - 1967 Ford 650gpm/1200gal. (1972-1989)
A vintage photo of firefighters with their fire truck outside the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Co. building, dated 1946.
23-13 - 1944 GI (Army Surplus) - 300gpm/300gal. (1946-1992)
Vintage fire truck with firefighters on board, outdoors in daylight.
Circa 1950s
Vintage photo of people on an old fire truck, possibly in a parade.
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