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Benefits to Being  a Member


Being a volunteer firefighter with the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company is a truly rewarding experience. Not only are you dedicating your time to those in need, but the relationships you will build with the other members and families will last you a lifetime. 

  • Give back to the community in a most unique way 
  • Excitement your day job doesn’t offer 
  • Help neighbors and strangers alike in their time of need 
  • Sense of pride from being part of an elite team 
  • Organized social events for volunteers and their families 
  • Leadership and management opportunities 
  • Learn new skills and make close friends 
  • Be in a profession you never thought of “back then” 
  • Earn high school credit
  • Looks great on college applications
  • Looks great on job applications

Beyond providing a much-needed service to the community, membership to the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company offers several benefits. Some are provided by the fire company, some by the fire district and other by NYS. 

The Fire Company will provide: 

  • Free Training  
  • Free Uniform and other organization apparel  
  • Annual Picnic 
  • Camaraderie 
  • Mentorship  

The District will provide 

  • Free Training 
  • Free Protective Gear 
  • Annual Dinner 
  • Length of Service Awards Program (pension like program) Earn up to $400/month at entitlement age 
  • Accident & Sickness Insurance Policy 
  • Life Insurance 

NYS will provide: 

  • Medical Care Expenses 
  • Disability Benefits 
  • Death Benefits 


If anything here interests you, take the first step by filling out an application. If you are still not sure if this is for you, check out our frequently asked questions.

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