Welcome to the Home of Cottekill's Bravest.

Protecting Life and Property Since 1932

Providing Fire Emergency Services With 100% Volunteers.


The Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company provides fire suppression and fire prevention activities to the hamlet of Cottekill located in the towns of Rosendale and Marbletown, Ulster County NY. In addition, the Company responds to medical emergencies, rescues, and other hazardous conditions within the hamlet.

It takes a Community to protect a Community!

Rural America's Fire & Rescue Services are provided by volunteers from the Community

Find Time to Volunteer

Cottekill Needs You!!! 


If you have a fire alarm system that is monitored by an alarm company, you should seriously consider installing a Knox Box near the main entrance to your home or business.

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Before you start and after you finish your burn, call Ulster County 911, at 338-1440, to let them know.

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