News Headlines
Fri. Jul 12th 2019
COTTEKILL, NY - Members of the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company (CVFC)along with Cottekill Fire District commissioners formed a committee back in January 2018 to design a new rescue pumper. Over the n...
Mon. Mar 25th 2019
Burn Ban Decreases Wildfire Risks and Protects Lives and PropertyDepartment of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Commissioner Basil Seggos today reminds residents that with spring approaching condition...
Fri. Mar 30th 2018
Annual RecruitNY Approaches – Volunteer Firefighters Needed!(Cottekill, NY – March 30, 2018) RecruitNY, a major initiative of the Firemen’s Association of the State of New York (FASN...
Sun. Feb 26th 2017
It is with deep regret that the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company announces the passing of Life Member Robert "Bob" Boyer. Bob Joined the fire company in July of 1968 and was an active firefi...
Wed. Nov 4th 2015
Members of the Cottekill Fire Company participated in a live burn drill with members from Bloomington, High Falls, Rosendale, Stone Ridge, Ulster Hose and Kingston. The burn was conducted at the forme...
About Us

The Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company is a small group... Family... of neighbors dedicated to helping their fellow neighbors. The members work hard to keep up with the ever changing world of emergency services.


Mission Statement 

The Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company is committed to minimizing the loss of life, property damage, and the impact on the environment, during emergency and non-emergency situations that arise within the hamlet of Cottekill, and when called upon to assist surrounding communities. We achieve this with the highest degree of professionalism and caring service without doing harm. 

Professional, Empathetic, Safety Conscious 


Vision statement 

It is the vision of the Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company to build stronger community support, provide quality and progressive training to its members, and sustain an efficient and effective emergency response team, all to reliably serve our community. 

Capable, Reliable, Effective


Value Statement 

The Cottekill Volunteer Fire Company developed its Mission and Vision Statements based on a set of core values. These values drive the organization to promote a positive team atmosphere, keep things in perspective, and always “do the right thing.” The values foster a R.I.C.H. environment within the organization.  

Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Humility 


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